INK Pula & HNK Varaždin in Maribor

place: Maribor, Slovenia
organiser: SNG Maribor
 Ranko Marinković's play 'Gloria' directed by Damir Zlatar Frey made in the coproduction by INK Theatre  Pula and National Theatre House from Varaždin will have guest appearance on 21 November at the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor.

Dramaturg of this adaptation is Željka Udovičić Pleština, whilst the cast includes Helena Minić, Ivica Pucar, Jan Kerekeš, Zvonko Zečević, Mijo Pavelko,  Zdenko Brlek, Robert Ugrina, Sofija Cingula…

Ranko Marinković, born in 1913 on the island of Vis, was a Croatian writer.He studied philosophy in Zagreb. During World War II he was arrested by the Italians and was in prison camp till 1943. Later he worked in Croatian National Theater and in 1951 he became a professor in the Acadmy of Theater where he worked untill his retirement.

He started writing in the period between two World Wars. His most famous storybook is "Ruke (Hands)" and his most famous drama is "Gloria", a critique of the Catholic Church. Marinković's most famous work is "Kiklop (Cyclops)", a story about war and it's influence on people. It was later converted into a movie and a TV series.

The center of the story about Gloria is the impossible love between a priest and nun, and the conflict of religious life and secular life.

Shortly after the Second World War, in a small parish in Dalmatia priests are trying to break the monotony of small town and one of the youngest, Don Jere, devises a way to strengthen the faith of the people.He thinks that it would be good to replace the statue of the Virgin Mary with a real live nun who would act as a statue and occasionally move her eyes in order to convince the local people in the existence of God.

Don Jere asks the head of the nearby monastery to send him a nun, and they send sister Magdalena, a former circus trapeze artist (her stage name was Glorija, real name Jagoda) who after a close encounter with death decided to turn to God and become a nun.

(D.H., 21.11.2013)