Lightning Out for the Territories in Budapest

time: 04.04.2013. - 05.05.2013.
place: Budapest, Hungary
organiser: TRAFO House of Contemporary Art & MSU Zagreb
The exhibition Lightning Out for the Territories is currently on view in TRAFO House of Contemporary Art in Budapest, Hungary. The exhibition is curated by Leila Topić.
Exhibited artists: Rene Bachrach Krištofić, Igor Grubić, Igor Kuduz, Damir Očko, Jasenko Rasol, Renata Poljak and Vlasta Žanić.

During the tempestuous nineties and sobering 2Ks, in the Eastern European region culture was mostly perceived as a battlefield for representation of national identities. This situation favored the creation of artworks which problematize the social and the political status quo.


Parallel to this the horizon of the artist’s identity has gradually widened, encompassing the roles of a historian, researcher, analyst, compiler, theoretician, and critic.
The exhibition is surveying the changes in this process, so it focuses on presenting works which speak of the present moment through so-called small gestures. These gestures should be understood as a metaphor of simple and minimal models of expression that avoid transient spectacularity.

Through the emerging and established positions of the nine authors from Croatia, the exhibition enables the development of overcoming the imposed boundaries, whether physical, geographic or mental, which are not division lines anymore, but on the contrary: spaces of articulation of new possibilities of positioning artistic identities.

(Source: TRAFO House of Contemporary Art)

(D.H., 11.04.2013)