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Perforations to be presented in Belgrade

time: 22.11.2012. - 25.11.2012.
place: Belgrade, Serbia
Perforations Festival will be presented within the programme of Belgrade's LIMIT Live Art Festival which is set to take place from 22 to 25 November in Dom omladine (DOB). Event Night of the Performances and performance Dogs will also take place in the programme.

Read here about the programme of the Night of the Performances:

Dogs (Les Chiens) is a short text by Hervé Guibert that was created very early in his writing career, containing open sexual content, and referred to by the author as his ‘pornographic book’. In a direct language the text alternates both sensuality and violence, desire and cruelty, the anticipation of love and sexual energy. An obsession with bodies is the basic theme of the text: the author uses every body movement, every situation and fantasy to reveal himself. But he is not the only one in the key narrative here; moving through the text are also the experiences of close and loved beings that he has appropriated. In addition to the “I” of the narrator, we recognise this plurality of textual weaving as the face of “you,” “her,” “master,” “dogs”. The intention of the narration is to create from frustrated desire some kind of ceremony that will enable the creation of an abundance of erotic experience. The animality of desire, expressed through the dual nature of a sado-masochistic relationship, is eventually sublimated to the vitality of the shared hetero-homo sexual act.

The performance is constructed in a very simple form: the simple presence of the actor, Stipe Kostanić, on the stage. Through the intrusive, attractive and elusive existence of the body moving through a phantom world of moments of sexual connotation, indefinitely, in the atmosphere between scenes of desire and delight. It develops as a physical performance about the introspection of the soul.

Bojan Djordjev, born in 1977 in Belgrade, is a theatre auteur who is equally active in institutional and independent theatre. He is a co-founder and member of the editorial board of the TkH (Walking Theory) collective. His interest in theatre and performance includes collective authorship, working with experimental playwriting and post-drama theatre.

For this performance he collaborated with the actor Stipe Kostanić. He began his acting career with roles in theatre, on television and on the radio, and has so far performed in theatres in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, and appeared at several national, European and international festivals, including the Queer Zagreb Festival in 2011, with Joseph.

(Source: Perforations / LIMIT))

(D.H., 23.11.2012)