Igor Kranjčec and Martin Mrzljak successful in Oslo

place: Oslo, Sweden
 Igor Kranjčec and Martin Mrzljak won the second place at the BestYET competition which took place earlier this month in Oslo.  BestYET  is a creative newspaper competition for junior creative teams that seeks to identify the best young creative minds in the European advertising industry.

Each year 11 different countries host their own national competition that produces two winning teams. These 22 winning teams then participate in the ‘final’ European challenge that makes one team the best in Europe!  

It is a collaboration between different newspaper marketing agencies/trade bodies across Europe, founded in 2002 in Amsterdam.  Together we want to promote the press/ print medium as a creative platform for advertisers.

BestYET is a two day event. Participating countries are France, Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Netherlands, Switserland, Ireland and Belgium. On the first day of the contest the creative teams are given a brief, often directly from the client. The competing teams then have 24 hours to come up with a creative execution that fulfils the brief.

(D.H., 25.05.2012)