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Edita Matan presented internationally

time: 26.09.2011. - 29.09.2011.
place: USA, EU
Visual and new media artist Edita Matan presented her artworks (drawings and films) on many international art events during spring and summer. Her film ‘Patron’s nightmare’ will be presented in Kobro Gallery, Lodz - Poland from 26th to 29th September.

Her film "K city de sculptures...", made in the production of E Studio was presented at George Mason University campus - Fairfax, USA; Wind Rose Culture Space - Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal; Auditorium Olympia - Manizales Caldas, Colombia
Dates: USA: April 20; Portugal June 11; Colombia April 13-15

The film thematizes dysfunctional, empty houses in the city of Karlovac. Although these houses ‘survived’ the war during nineties, they were shaped by rain, sun, snow, wind…

‘Patron’s nightmare’ is a documentary film about tattoo master from Karlovac. The film tells a story about famous people who like to be photographed for newspapers and television. They are very proud when they see their own appearance on TV. But when being presented as tattoos on the skin they lose the control and that’s a moment when their weakness appears. The film is dedicated to Roman Polanski, Sumi Jo, Wojcieh Kilar, etc.

Studio Beluga, Montreal - Canada / Kobro Gallery, Lodz - Poland
Dates Canada: August 16-21, 2011 / Poland: September 26-29, 2011

Edita Matan is a visual artist and activist in the fields of drawings, experimental film and video, documentary film and new media art.

She was a student of prof. Herman Nitsch. Her work has been shown in Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Egypt, Portugal, Canada and Croatia. She received the Sea-horse Award, Alexandria, Egypt and the City of Munich Award, Germany. Lives and works in Karlovac, Croatia.

Edita Matan was a regular collaborator of the Peace School in Mrkopalj. She already fostered humanitarian interest for the African state of Kongo. Her future plans include also Pakistan and Somalia.

(D.H., 02.09.2011)