Lina Kovacevic in London

time: 18.04.2011. - 18.04.2011.
place: London, UK
organiser: Apple
Croatian designer Lina Kovacevic presents on 18 April at the Apple Flagship Store in London her final MA project on St.Martins School of Art and Design - A Set for Online Romantic Dinner, which is particularly interesting since it is designed for laptops exclusively.

Result of a research for MA project exploring fetishization of virtuality, A Set For Online Romantic Dinner consists of a: half plate, corner plate, jelewry headphones, bow tie headphones, keycloth ( so you don't spill your wine on the keyboard ) and a set of rules or etiquette on how to behave during an online romantic dinner. Inspired by Berthol Brecht's distancing objects and a 2009. Skype wedding that happened on the airports in Dubai and London, it is treated as an utilitarian set of objects, but at the same time critical design which comments on the current situation of digital media developing mostly into virtuality forgetting the body as an important element in interaction with the technology.

Lina Kovacevic is Croatian designer currently based in London. Born in Zagreb and graduated from University of Zagreb, School of Design, Lina worked as an independent designer before moving to London to complete MA degree at St.Martins School of Art and Design.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and awarded from Art Directors Club New York, ID Annual Design Review, Red Dot Award, Young Guns, Zagreb Film Festival, Magdalena and others. She has also performed live visuals at the festivals such as Club Transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz and Contact Europe.

(Source: Lina Kovacevic / ShowTime Arts)

(D.H., 18.04.2011)