27th Dance Week Festival

time: 24.05.2010. - 04.06.2010.
place: Zagre, Rijeka, Split (Croatia)
organiser: TSP
27th Dance Week Festival takes place between May 24 and June 4, in Zagreb and in Rijeka and for the first time this year also in Split. Tickets for 25 festival productions, of which 3 premiere titles, go on sale on Wednesday, May 12 at the Zagreb Centre for Dance.

Between May 24 and June 4,  Zagreb and Rijeka – and for the first time also Split – will host the program of the 27th edition of DANCE WEEK FESTIVAL one of the largest and most acknowledged  dance festivals in the region.

The 27th edition of the Festival will feature the now traditional Croatian Choreographic Platform including 3 premiere titles each produced in partnership with the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance. Also featured will be productions from 14 different international companies originating from approximately this number of countries. Following the festival program will be festival guests: international choreographers, festival directors and promoters of several leading European centers for dance including those from Portugal, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark – with a number of which the Festival partners in an EU funded project Choreoroam.

Arriving to the Festival are some new talents from Europe as well as from the States, as well as the Festival audience’s favorites:  Thiery Smiths, Yasmeen Godder, Daniel Léveillé, Matijaž Farič and  Lanňnima Imperial, while the work of  Nada Kokotović is awaited in eager anticipation.

One of the highlights of the Festival will most definitely be the Belgian Compagnie Thor with the performance ‘To The Ones I Love’, which critics have already determined to be one of this season’s best works. Choreographer   Thiery Smiths in celebration of his 20th anniversary has decided on a radical  move – a return to pure, highly anesthetized dance executed by nine dancers of African origin and all to the remix of  Bach’s music.

Love and desire are themes  which permeate also the work of one of Israel’s most cherished dance artists, and winner of several international awards including a Bessie – choreographer    Yasmeen Godder, who returns to the Festival with two new works : ‘Singular Sensation‘ and ‘Love Fire‘.
The honor to open the Festival belongs to Slovene Author Matjaž Farič and his most recent work «Shiver» which question the male-female relations, all to the music of TOP a percussionist group and pianist Milko Lazar.

Combining live music and physical theater is a specialty of Spanish stars, the ensemble Lanňnima Imperial, whose  performance  ‘Variacions Al_leluia‘, the critics refer to as the «dance out pocket rock and roll opera».

Lanňnima Imperial was awarded with the Audience Award at the 8th edition of Dance Week Festival in 1991 the very year that Nada Kokotović last visited Zagreb. This year she returns with a new production by her own Theatre TKO from Köln, and based on a novel by controversial Peter Handke -  – ‘Spuren der Verirrten’.

The first of three festival premiere titles will be European co production within the framework of the program Beyond Fronta and entitled ‘To Whom It May Concern‘  by Slovene dance artists Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek, performed by a group of Croatian dancers who were chosen through auditions.

Following closely on this project is homage to research of the impact of cult choreographer Pina Bausch. This is(n’t) my wood…. Represents the questioning of the impact of cult choreographer Pina Bausch, through This (is)n’t my wood …,  by authors  Silvia Marchig and  Darko Japelj, while the third premiere title «Critics» is underwritten by Katarina Đurđević.

Alongside the program of the 27 Dance Week Festival, dance artist will be able to engage in workshops and lectures, including film projections. In general, 27th Dance Week Festival will have on offer an array of ancillary programs, film projections, artist run talks and which will take place in our new home base ‘ Zagreb Centre for Dance.

Tickets for all performances, as well as special festival passes and subscriptions to the full festival program will go on sale at the Zagreb Dance Centre as of Wednesday 12, 2010, while the tickets to performances in either Rijeka or Split, while tickets to performance taking place in either Rijeka or Split can be purchased one hour prior to start of the show at HKD Sušak and Gradsko kazalište lutaka

(Source: DWF)

(D.H., 12.05.2010)