Martina Zelenika MOON exhibits in Maribor

place: Maribor, Slovenia
organiser: KIBLA
 Multimedia artist Martina Zelenika MOON currently presents her exhibition titled MetaPerspective’ at Gallery KiBela, Multimedia Centre KID Kibla in Maribor. The exhibition is on view till 19 September.
μετα προοπτική aka MetaPerspektiva
Metaphysics as the science of absolute presuppositions implies the appropriateness of cognition: in a specific, ontotheological manner it reveals the argumentation behind man's perspective on certain natural primary principles. However, the prefix meta- also implies something essentially different: that it is the argumentation of this “beyond” upon which man’s orientation in the world that surrounds him really depends. And this world is, of course, entirely physical. Aristotle knew this, but his translators didn’t.

The interdisciplinary art project MetaPerspective by Croatian artist Martina Zelenika aka Moon is based precisely on this fact: that the post-physical is what substantiates the physical, and that it is, when perceived as such, indeed the decisive factor for the creation of new, in the case of Zelenika mutated and un-humanly proportionated creations. Moon as an artist synthesizes media and syntagms, combining the physical with the artistic: we can say that she merges the Here with the Beyond in a Transdisciplinary manner. In doing so she is not so much in search of a seeming, often inexistent harmony, but openly admits the truly dis-harmonic global hypocrisy, thereby pushing the observer towards a self-reflection of his respective social environment. We are what we are told to be.   

The meta-perspective is of course the author's parallax of the social dis-order: she reflects upon it precisely because it does not exist anymore in modern times. The perspectivity of the view has become transformed into a meta-psychosis, and the latter into a metastasis of the modern globalization trend: to bereave the human race of what is human, and in turn, by implementing a cerebral meta-paralysis, to suck out its last tax-free drop of blood: the absolute, entirely non-metaphysical and individual Rh-.

Nina Jeza,

(Source: http://www.kibla.org/)

(D.H., 28.08.2015)