time: 10.09.2015. - 18.09.2015.
place: Kaunas
Kaunas Biennial, the biggest contemporary art festival in the Baltic States, will begin its 10th season on September 18th with the exhibition Threads: Fantasmagoria about Distance, curated by the well-known art theorist and curator Nicolas Bourriaud.

Croatian artists to partake at the KAUNAS BIENNIAL are Bojan Gagić, Mijodrag Gladović, Barbara Radelja, Zdravko Krasić and Elisabeth Schimane on the behalf of the project Agora or Artistic Assembly for the opening of the event. The presentation is consisted of light-sound installation, interactive sculpture, live electronics and documentary exhibition.

Jazz fussion band will do collaborative project with Latvian Psilicone Theatre, whilst Barbara Radelja (textile) and Hrvoslava Brkušić (sound) woll partake at "Creative Symbiosis" artist-in-residence program.

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(D.H., 27.08.2015)