Arterija VI – Festival of Visual Arts

time: 15.08.2015. - 19.08.2015.
The festival Arterija takes place on the city streets, squares, parks and various other venues will be held within a program of  a series of screenings, exhibitions, performances and other artistic activities. A special emphasis is given on the presentation of contemporary art, which seeks to act and to be presented outside the museum and gallery spaces.  Authors from Istria / Croatian, Italian  will presents its work in captivating surrounding of the old town, and the of activities and program will be carried out every day from 18 - 24 hours .

Đanino Božić - Tomislav Brajnović - Giulio Cardona (IT) - Slavica Marin - Iva Milaković - Marina Orlić - Nika Radić (HR – DE) - Šikuti Machine - Hrvoje Urumović - Ivona Verbanac. 
More info here: http://www.muzej-lapidarium.hr/

Lapidarium Museum houses one of the most important collections of stone monuments in Croatia. Numbering about 100, the monuments hail from the first to the eighteenth century. Half of the monuments, mostly representing elements of church architecture from the Parish Church of St. Pelagius, are part of the museum’s permanent exhibition.
The museum’s most interesting exhibit is the ciborium of Bishop Mauritius, dating from the end of the eighth century. Originating in the parish church, it was built during the time of the Frankish state and its famous ruler Charlemagne, when Novigrad was the centre of the diocese and secular Frankish rule.

The area of the museum housing the ciborium has been built to resemble the baptistery in which it was originally located. This is yet another shining example of the progressive use of architecture in presenting ancient monuments.

And in its other aspects, Lapidarium Museum lives in line with modern times. It has been the venue of rock band performances and other events for visitors of all ages, and is easy to imagine it as a setting for an avant-garde performance or movie.

(D.H., 14.08.2015)