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Liburnia Film Festival starts a crowdfunding campaign

place: Ičići, Croatia
organiser: LFF
Liburnia Film Festival (LFF), an admission-free film festival screening the best Croatian documentaries of the year, started a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of rewarding the most talented Croatian documentary filmmakers for their current work and, in doing so, support their future projects. In order to do that, the LFF wants to introduce a financial Audience Award and Jury Award at the next, 13th Liburnia Film Festival which will be held from 25th to 29th of August this year in the port of Ičići, Croatia.

In the last 12 years, LFF has screened more than 300 documentary films, many of them premieres, hosted more than 400 Croatian, regional and international guests, more than 50 bands and DJs and more than 4000 LFF visitors. The open auditorium and the stage are set in the old port of Ičići so guests can watch the films with their feet in the sea, surrounded by small fishermen boats, with millions of stars above them and the city of Rijeka and Mount Učka in the background. All the screenings are open for the public and free of charge.
Since its first edition, the Jury and the Audience awards were given only to filmmakers. Two years ago LFF established special professional awards for the best Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Sound Designer. Last year they attempted to raise funds for the Audience Award through on-site donations from the audience and succeeded.  This year they want to go a step further and introduce two financial rewards for the best films chosen by the audience and by a jury of five international documentary film experts.  The rewards will be given together with unique traditional sculptures made by local artist Saša Jantolek.

LFF is hoping to raise 3.500$ through this campaign, and the funds will be used as follows:
- 1.000$ for the Audience Award
- 1.000$ for the Jury Award for Best Film
- 1.000$ for Saša Jantolek's artwork 
- 500$ for donator gifts

Liburnia Film Festival is jointly organized by the Liburnia Film Festival Association in partnership with Restart from Zagreb. International partners of the festival include the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) from Prague and the Balkan Documentary Centre from Sofia. More information about the Indiegogo campaign can be found here.

(Source: havc.hr)

(D.H., 21.07.2015)