Samobor Carnival 2015

time: 06.02.2015. - 17.02.2015.
place: Samobor, Croatia
The most anxiously awaited event in Samobor is definitely the local carnival, a rampant manifestation by which the people of Samobor chase away evil spirits from the year that just ended, bid goodbye to winter, and open their hearts and hopes to the upcoming spring. Since long gone 1855, Samobor has been the carnival centre of this part of Croatia.

During the carnival days, the town streets are filled with complete carefree joy, thousands of masks conceal laughter and merry songs, and dancing is a way to welcome new life. On the other hand, not everything is so carefree - uncertainty goes on until the Fašnik, or rather the Prince of the Carnival, is put to trial, which is the central event of the carnival. In the main town square, a performance is staged where Fašnik, guilty of all things bad that happened in the last year, is tried.

All the anger, sorrow and misery is vented upon him, and then on Shrove Thursday he is burned in a spectacular ceremony, the ancient belief being that this rids us of everything negative in the coming year. Once the Fašnik has been punished, a riotous celebration begins which should set the tone for the whole coming year.  

(Source: htz)

(D.H., 11.02.2015)