Videozones in Belgrade

organiser: KCB
A compilation of video works by a group of international artists, among them Croatian contemporary artist Marko Marković, will be screened on 24 December in Cultural Center Belgrade, Serbia.

VIDEOZONES, a compilation of video works by seven Montreal artists and six Brooklyn artists, is a unique exploration of the formal and narrative dimensions of the moving image, with sound, time, archival material, landscape, and performance serving as compositional blocks. The short videos address a wide range of subjects from politics to popular culture, cinematic imagination, and poetic imagery, some emphasizing form and others narrative or content.

The selection is curated by Boshko Boskovic, Brooklyn-based independent curator/Residency Unlimited Program Director, and the Montreal collective La Fabrique d’expositions (Marie-Eve Beaupré, Julie Bélisle, Louise Déry, and Audrey Genois), in partnership with Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, where the works will subsequently be shown following this premiere. The inaugural event will include a reception and screening. Many of the artists will be present along with the curators.

Celia Rowlson-Hall THREE OF A FEATHER (2011, 6 min, video)
Olivia Boudreau LA BRÈCHE (2012, 3 min, video)
Jacynthe Carrier PARCOURS (2012, 5 min, video)
Rosemarie Padovano PALOMA (2012, 4 min, video)
Pascal Grandmaison SOLEIL DIFFÉRÉ (2010-12, 4.5 min, video)
Sophie Bélair-Clement INTERLUDE (1974- 2012, 4.5 min, video)
Tatiana Istomina HAPPY MOSCOW (PART 1) (2012, 5 min, video)
Elisa Kreisinger & Marc Faletti MAD MEN: SET ME FREE (2011, 3 min, video)
Frédéric Lavoie LA VIE APRÈS LA MORT (2012, 4 min, video)
Marko Markovic AMERICAN SPRING (2012, 6.5 min, video)
Robert Boyd TOMORROW PEOPLE (2012, 6 min, video)
Aude Moreau SORTIR (2011, 4.5 min, video)
Michel De Broin CUT IN THE DARK (2010, 4.5 min, video)
Total running time: ca. 70 min.

(D.H., 23.12.2014)