Klubvizija SC presented in Brussels

place: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
organiser: WORM
Klubvizija SC presented seven filmmakers and multimedia artist in Rotterdam based centre titled WORM on 19 December. Klubvizija is an independent filmlab for 8mm and 16mm film based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Klubvizija SC (2009) is a workshop for creative filmmaking, with a lab for 8 mm and 16 mm film, and analog photography located in Zagreb. It is the only film lab for manual film development in Croatia and whole region. The main purpose of “Klubvizija SC” is to encourage visual artists to work creatively with film, to give them an irreplaceable practical experience and create opportunities to meet and work with a number of film professionals. Also, the goal is to create a center that would become a place of gathering technical, but to the same extent and artistic knowledge of the free visual expression.
Starting from 2009, Klubvizija organized numerous film and photography workshops under guidance of todays' most prominent professionals and artists of experimental film (Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Vassily Bourikas, Robert Fenz).

Klubvizija SC presented seven filmmakers and multimedia artist in Rotterdam based centre titled WORM on 19 December. Klubvizija is an independent filmlab for 8mm and 16mm film based in Zagreb, Croatia.

In 2011 Klubvizija was a host of International FilmLabs Meeting which gathered representatives of film labs around the globe, with a mission to strenghten the community through various round tables, discussions, screenings and film performances.

Klubvizija strongly supports DIY ethics and encourages it's members to explore the unexplorable in experimental filmmaking.

Friedrichsfelde Ost - Milica Jovcic, Nenad Cosic, 16mm on HD video, colour, sound, 2 min.
Metro station as a place of constant moving. Play with light and reflections from abstract to concrete forms.

B162 - Tomislav Šoban, 16mm, colour, silent, 4 min
Light and dark play in this personal view inspired by the story of the Little Prince, showing us the glimpses into Šoban's strange hand-made world.

Milan Stepanovich - Lucija Mrzljak, Patricija Stepanovic, 16mm, colour, silent, 3 min.
Dreamy animation experimental tale about the twisted tranformations in the woods is created using expired chemistry and effects of the 'processing gone wrong' emphasize the overall film ambience.

Now - Josip Šcurec, 16mm, colour/bw, silent, 2'30''
Film''Now'' shows author's personal meditation about itself, society and nature. Moments captured in the state of complete awareness are interwoven with depictions of tapping in the dark. Author is haunted with the transitoriness while taking visual notes.
LYLS performance documentation - group of authors, 16mm, colour, silent, 6 min.
Short experimental documentation made during two-day workshop „Let your light shine“, led by experimental animator, Jodie Mack. Workshop participants used and combined various types of objects that were illuminated and projected on a projection screen, producing colorful, abstract images which were then shot on 16mm film and later hand-processed.

Microkinetic - Vana Gacina, 16mm, bw, silent, 3'40 min.
Series of abstract, high-contrast forms developed through animation.

Gradual Speed - Els van Riel, Brussel 2013, 16mm film, B/W, 52 min, optical sound
A few years ago I started collecting images with the idea in mind to pay homage to the slowly vanishing techniques of analog filmmaking. Now a series of these recordings makes GRADUAL SPEED, a work on and for black and white 16mm film seen as matter, and at the same time as a metaphor for everything we cannot grasp. At present, a year later, I notice that these analog techniques might not be disappearing but rather have come to a turning point. As if they are getting a second chance. Due to the actual co-existence of a large variety of moving image media, we are now able to analyze their different characteristics, work with them, and extract from them the unique qualities of analog filmmaking. Most of my work favors celluloid because of its immediate engagement with ­materiality. Its chemistry allows me to celebrate the temporality of the moment as well as to grasp my own personal moment, that only chance to discover, here and now, a grain of sense. (Els van Riel)

MAAC-Le Labo Bruxelles
Created in February 2006, LABO is a space for the production of images where one works with the material of film, mainly Super 8 and 16mm. Exposing images, developing, processing, transfers, transformations, tests. LABO is a toolbox, a place for research and experimentation, thanks to the sharing of knowledge and exchange of practices and know-how. In this laboratory, a cinema of craftsmen is born, autonomous and outside commercial logic.

(D.H., 23.12.2014)