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Help Booksa raise $6.000 for restoration and new equipment

place: Zagreb
organiser: Booksa
Kulturtreger is a nonprofit organization committed to promotion of literature and reading. Since 2004. They have been running a friendly community club called Booksa, situated in the center of Zagreb, Croatia.

Even Booksa started with books and readings, the program has grown with time and today they  do all sorts of things:
  • Talks with writers, publishers and critics
  • Book presentations
  • Creative writing workshops hosted by renowned writers
  • Cooperation projects with other organizations, artists, cultural workers and enthusiasts
  • Concerts
  • Literary festivals
  • ...
In honor of 10 years of Booksa, Kulturtreger is launching its very first crowdfunding campaign  with Indiegogo campaign and invite all interested to participate and help Booksa achieve their goal - raise enough money to make the club more enjoyable and cozier place for all guests and visitors.

So far Booksa hosted hundreds of writers, musicians, artists, critics, NGOs, performers... like Michel Houellebecq, David Albahari, Tony White, Aleksandar Hemon, Geert Mak, Hari Kunzru, Slavenka Drakulić, Michal Viewegh, Lydie Salvayre, Norbert Gstrein, Goran Tribuson, Mira Furlan, C.K. Stead, Etgar Keret, Anne Enright, Viktor Ivančić, Elizabeth Strout, Igor Kordej, Zoran Ferić, Dorta Jagić, Laszlo Karsznahorkai... to name just a few).
Booksa  is getting old and even though audience like shabby chic, Kulturtreger people think it's high time to change old Booksa sign and replaced it with a new one.
The sound system is becoming more and more irritating and if they don't do something about it we may lose Škrabica – a very popular concert program presenting young singer-songwriters and bands, which would be unforgivable.
The book club also desperately need air-conditioning so they can make program and host artists in summer months as well.
In appreciation of your generosity, Booksa got some really fantastic Perks. Ever dreamed of having your own coffee mug in Booksa, or Booksa's T-shirt, or your own private party in Booksa... Now's your chance!

Choose your favorite contribution/reward combination from the right-side column, and let's work together to make Booksa’s coming 10 years cooler and with better sign and sound!

Support Booksa and make it a cooler place here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ensure-another-10-years-of-community-club-booksa#home

(D.H., 18.12.2014)