Theatre Punkošipak in Romania

place: Iasi, Romania
Theatre Punkošipakis having a guest appearance with their performance Neckar at the VII. Ludic Theatre Days International Theatre Festival in Iasi, Romania which is taking place from 9 to 13 December.

Director: Irena Boćkai
Actors: Monika Baotić, Juraj Barkić, Irena Boćkai, Vilim Ostović, Ivan Tudek, Daniel Varela
Scenery: Ivan Tudek
Sound: Ružica Skopljak
Light: Tanja Marčac

„Neckar“ is a visual performance based on poetry of Croatian avangard poet Drago Ivanišević. In his poetry there are strong marks and influence of war horrors and destiny of little man whom find himself in hard and liminal situation of the Other. There is always imaginary hook wrapped around his neck. That threatening gesture open the possibility of his „elimination“. The individual is trapped in the structures of social coercion and the question is how he can be unhooked?

„Neckar“ raises issues of human existence in shameless and inarticulate imitation and constant multiplication of bad decisions, what doesn't lead to the right path.
In accordance with this statement, performance culminated with an auto ironic exclamation.

(D.H., 09.12.2014)