SPVH Workshop I Renewable Energy / Renewable Culture

time: 28.11.2014. - 30.11.2014.
place: MSU, Zagreb, Croatia
The first in series of International Interdisciplinary Workshops on Technology, Politics, Art, Energy and Sustainability titled “Sustainable for whom?”,  which continues a five year project converging art and science at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb is set to take place from November 28 to 30 in MSU Zagreb.


During the three workshop days in the Školica educational spaces at the MSU - 10 am to 5 pm - the themes introduced last year during the Renewable Energy / Renewable Culture Conference will be expanded on. The speaker presentations will cover; 1) the implementation and risks of renewable energies, 2) sustainable architec-ture, and 3) mobilization strategies in civil society. Potential applications to improve the museum’s energy profile, and design aspects of the proposed roof-top educational pa- vilion - inspired by a traditional Croatian wooden house - will serve as immediate case studies. Parameters for installing photovoltaic power plants on building roofs, analyzing covered local consumption, economics and CO2 impact, will be presented. Numerous examples of alternative methods of building construction and sustainable practices in architecture, particularly the opportunities provided by straw-bale house construction, will be spotlighted, giving special attention to the environmental impact of the materials selected for a building. Models for impacting and renewing society with a focus on economic and policy level decisions, using historical examples and current initiatives as references, aiming to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking about renewable energies and sustainability among young professionals. All workshop days are open to the public and will include smaller task groups (Day 2 and Day 3) and plenary discussions. In the morning on Day 2 participants will have the opportunity to present projects or issues (announced during registration) for inclusion in the discussion. In the afternoon on Day 2 a panel discussion will look at the larger picture of energy production and the environment.

Workshop Leaders/Speakers include:
- Dr. Zdenko Šimić, energy scientist (risk and power)
- Marina Zajec, architect (green building practices)
- Dr. Dražen Šimleša, social scientist (sustainable development)

 On Friday, November 28th at 4 pm DOOR will present the CLICK Award Ceremony.
Project author: David Smithson
Curated by: Martina Munivrana
Organized by: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, DOOR, Society for Sustainable Development Design Zagreb, OLP, Otvoreni likovni pogon Zagreb

(D.H., 24.11.2014)