One Take Film Festival 2014

time: 16.11.2014. - 18.11.2014.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: One Take Film Festival
The One Take Film Festival is an international festival of films shot in one take, that is films shot without interruption, from the moment of turning the camera on to the moment of turning the camera off.

The One Take Film Festival eliminates a seemingly indispensable part of a film - namely, editing - and thus prohibits cut, dissolve, fade in/out and all other types of transitions. In that way, the one take film festival makes room for a more stimulating concept of film and more exiting film-making. The one take film festival includes films of almost every genre in it's programme (documentary, fiction, experimental, music video and commercial).

The running time of the films is not limited. The One Take Film Festival primarily emphasises the aesthetic act of film-making, and the one take is considered only a framework for ideas, emotions, stories… for we shouldn't forget that long ago workers had left the lumiere factory in "one take" also. Therefore, one should not be fascinated with the fact.

The One Take Film Festival, along with the official competition, offers numerous other events - interesting additional film programme, premieres, lectures, panel discussions, film workshops, exhibitions and of course, good time for everyone. The One Take Film Festival is the only one of its kind in the world, and it takes place in zagreb. This year the festival celebrates it's seventh edition. The One Take Film Festival will, in it's three-day programme, convince you in the possibility of excluding the classic concept of film editing in favour of capturing a part of reality in its continuity, where the diversity of cinematic ludism is neverending, and the restriction incredibly enticing.

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(D.H., 04.11.2014)