Miro Gavran to have eight premieres in eight countries

In the next two months, the Croatian playwright  Miro Gavran will have eight theatrical premieres in eight different countries. This rich theatrical series starts on November 6th with the premiere of Gavran's drama "All About Men", in the famous Russian theater RED TORCH from Novosibirsk, and directed by Konstantin Kolesnik.

Gavran's drama "Chekhov Says Goodbye to Tolstoy" will premiere November 11th, and be performed by the Czech Theater LA MY from Prague, and directed by Martin Vokoun. The premiere of Gavran's monodrama "Trpimir" is scheduled for November 21st, at the Cultural House of Črnuče in Ljubljana, in the production of Theater KAMELAR. The director and interpreter of the show will be the famous Slovenian actor Roman Končar. A week later, on November 28 in Bucharest, Romania, "Colour Theatre Copany' will perform the premiere of Gavran's comedy "My Wife's Husband," as directed by Anca Maria Colteanu. In Belgrade on December 4th, the premiere of Gavran's drama "Chekhov Says Goodbye to Tolstoy," will be directed by famous actor Irfan Mensur in Bitef theater, while being produced by Workshops for theater production. Mid-December, this drama will be premiered in Albanian in Prishtina, directed by Sevdije Ajeti and produced by the European Balkan Institute. Around the same time, Gavran's drama "All About Women" is also planned to premiere, at the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar, as directed by Robert Raponja. Finally, on New Year's Eve, December 31st, in the Polish city of Jelenia Gora, Gavran's comedy "My Wife's Husband" is scheduled to premiere.  

Miro Gavran's works have so far been translated into 35 languages​​. There have been over 250 theatrical premieres worldwide of his dramas and comedies, while his shows have had more than three million viewers. Over the past twenty years, Miro Gavran has proved to be, by far, the most performed Croatian playwright at home and abroad. 

(Presscut Agency)

(D.H., 03.11.2014)