Bruketa & Žinić in the Belgian Le Vif

place: Belgium
organiser: Le Vif
Le Vif, the main news magazine in the French-speaking Belgium has published a list of most unusually designed books among which is Well Done, an internationally awarded annual report created by Bruketa&Žinić OM for Podravka in 2007.

Besides the cookbook which has to be baked before reading the list contains a book entitled Sensory Fiction which comes packed with a west which can react to physiological indicators of the reader’s body. The book changes its color or vibrates, depending on how the reader feels.

The list also contains the book Naar Inkt Vissen (Fishing For Ink) with sailors’ stories, printed with color made of squid ink, which as you may imagine also gives it a specific smell.
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Le Vif is the best selling news magazine in French-speaking Belgium with 73345 sold copies.

(Source: bruketa & žinić)

(D.H., 29.05.2014)