Dance Week Festival 2014

time: 28.05.2014. - 07.06.2014.
place: Zagreb, Rijeka, Karlovac
organiser: ZDC & CIMD
The biggest regional dance festival, 31 Dance Week Festival, is set to take place from 28 May to 7 June in Zagreb, Rijeka and Karlovac. The central venue for the festival will be at Zagreb Dance Center, with supporting venues such as HNK, MSU, ZKM and &TD in Zagreb, Fillodramatica in Rijeka and Old Castle Dubovac in Karlovac.

Dance Week Festival is Croatia’s primary festival of contemporary dance. It is integrated into international dance developments through numerous and diverse collaborations and networks, and has significantly contributed to the raising awareness for Croatian dance makers within an international context.

Over the past 30 years, the Festival has presented well over 700 works of internationally acclaimed dance artists and companies, and is one of european festivals with the longest tradition.

This year the Festival takes place at Zagreb Dance Centre as well as in several key performing and cultural venues in the city (Croatian National Theatre, Gorgona at Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Theatre &TD etc), and also uses non performative spaces such as galleries, museums, industrial buildings, town squares, courtyards etc.

The Festival has over the years expanded to include other cities across Croatia, contributig to the decentralization of dance, expanding the network of collaboration and affirming regional national developments.

Part of this year’s Festival will also take place in Rijeka and Karlovac (in the past also Split and Zadar).

The Festival was founded in 1981 by Mirna Žagar, who today continues to direct the festival along with the support of a small, dedicated, passionate team of collaborators.
The festival opens with domestic performance by Studio for Contemporary Dance premiering their new piece.

(Source: Dance Week Festival)

(D.H., 27.05.2014)