6th ETNOFILm Festival

time: 24.04.2014. - 26.04.2014.
place: Rovinj, Croatia
organiser: Ethnographic Museum Istria
6th ETNOFILm Festival, organized by Ethnographic museum of Istria starts on April 24th in the Multimedia centre and presents 22 films of world ethnographic documentary production with a goal to open a dialogue between cultures.

With its main events in the Multimedia centre, festival will also be held in the Centre for visual arts Batana as well as the city theatre Gandusio and it will give the city of Rovinj its mark.
In the special program ETNOFILm brings Italian ethnographic documentaries, as well as a class “Experimental film, visual arts and anthropology”, photo exhibition by Peter Naglič “From home to Jerusalem”, phoot workshop of visual anthropology, book presentation “Others on film: an ethnographic film and indigenous film making” by Etami Borjan, and a concert of ethno ensemble Čipkice. All of the program is free of charge.

Starting from Wednesday, April 23rd, in Centre for visual arts Batana there will be a photo exhibition by Peter Naglič “From home to Jerusalem”. Author is Miha Špiček, and it is organized in cooperation with Ethnographic museum of Slovenia. It will be opened during the festival.

The movie part of the festival starts on April 24th in the Multimedia centre, and the first film from the official competiton is “Nyarma” by the Russian author Edgar Bartenev, starting at 11 am.

“Nyarma” brings the everyday life of reindeer-breeders of the polar Ural mountain region of Russia. This film is a portrait; film-destiny of a human and a silent melody of mankind. It was shown on more than 15 festivals, and won over 10 awards.

The first day of the festival will also be marked with a presentation of the Italian ethnographic documentary movie program from 4 pm in the theatre Gandusio. The author Michele Trentini will present his movie “The small land”.

Prior to the festival an international photo workshop with a topic “Tourism, architectural development, visual and cultural Perceptions of land use along the Adriatic coastlines” led by David Kendall,a visiting research fellow within the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. You can visit the workshop presentation at the Museum of City of Rovinj from 5.30 pm.

After the official opening at 7 pm you can see the film “Framing the other”. This humorous and sometimes uncomfortable film follows a tour group visit to the Ethiopian tribe Mursi, raising profound questions about authenticity and the motivations and economics of cultural tourism. A Romanian movie “Valley of Sighs” talks about an era between 1943 and 1945 when 25 000 Romani people were deported to Transnistria, but only half of them survived due to hunger, cold and other causes. Seventy years later, through a sad account of a few survivors, who were of a very young age at that time, the film tries to reconstruct the journey, places and tragic experiences of the past.

The president of this year’s jury is Ablerto Latrucci, director of International documentary movie festival in Florence, Tanja Miličić, from Pula film festival and movie theatre Valli in Pula and Tomislav Pletenac, an assistant professor at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. The winners will be proclaimed at the closing night, April 26th when they will be awarded the work of Davor Meštović, a student of the Faculty od Applied arts in Rijeka.

(D.H., 24.04.2014)