Kastav Film Festival launches crowdfunding campaign

Application: 15.05.2014.
Kastav Film Festival has launched it's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and has opened applications for films. It is the sixth time the event has been put on and this time Kastav Film Festival is asking for public help via the crowdfunding platform.

The campaign started because of the growing interest of authors and audiences, which is an indication of the festival's importance. One of the selling points of the event is that this particular festival enables everyone to act in public domain without censorship or selection - everyone can be a filmmaker. Last year in only two months more than 150 films from 19 countries were submitted to the festival.

This year they expect that number to be even greater, which has made them think of alternative ways of funding this growing independent festival. Crowdfunders can 'buy' certain privileges, from public praises to a free weekend for two in the magical city of Kastav at the time of the festival, depending on the amount of investment made.

This campaign is on going until May 15th. Money raised will be invested in new film equipment, so that every film can be publicly presented in an equally professional way. The festival application window will also be opened from April 10th until May 15th.

The submitted films are going to be presented, without any censorship and selection. Although crowdfunding websites have taken off in recent years in the United States and in other European countries, it is not so common in Croatia and the festival organisers are hoping they can help make the public more aware of this method of supporting independent organisations and events.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 11.04.2014)