Animafest: Selection results 2014

place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Animafest
Animafest International selection committees have finished their work and out of 1725 short films from 73 countries they have selected 144 film titles for Animafest 2014 competition and panorama programs. 

Grand Competition Selection Committee – André Eckardt (Njemačka), Abi Feijó (Portugal), Marina Kožul (Hrvatska) - has selected  37 films for the Grand Competition program and 26 for Grand panorama. Films in Grand competition program are competing for the main festival award – Grand Prix. 

Student and Commissioned Films Competition Selection Committee – Alexis Hunot (Francuska), Tamaki Okamoto (Japan), Slave Lukarov (Hrvatska) - has selected 33 films for the Student Competition program, 24 for Student Panorama program and 24 for Commissioned Films Competition. Films in Student Competition Program are competing for Dusan Vukotic Award.

Children Competition selection results will be known shortly.   
Lists of selected films are available HERE

(D.H., 11.04.2014)