Matija Ferlin performs at Festival Transamériques

time: 23.05.2014. - 26.05.2014.
place: Montreal, Canada
organiser: Festival Transamériques
Two solo works by Matija Ferlin 'Sad Sam Lucky' and 'Sad Sam Almost 6' will be presented on from 23 to 16 May on the 8th edition of Festival Transamériques in Montreal.

The Festial announces Ferlin with the following biography:
A dynamic emerging artist from the Balkans, Matija Ferlin is an unclassifiable artist whose work is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and atypical experience. Trained in media and graphic arts, theatre and dance, he lived in Amsterdam and Berlin before returning to Croatia where he was born in 1982. In addition to creating his own work, he also collaborates with other artists from diverse backgrounds, working as a performer, actor or artistic consultant. He has worked with the German artist Sasha Waltz, the Canadian Ame Henderson (he was a member of the cast of /Dance/Songs/, FTA 2009 and created with her The Most Together We’ve Ever Been), the Quebecer Luc Dunberry and the Slovene Maja Delak, the founder of the Emanat Institute for the Affirmation and Development of Dance and Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, which has presented his works.

He has four short films and five exhibits to his credit, in addition to a dozen performances including solo works where he recounts the changing nature of his personal and professional identity: Sad Sam Almost 6 (2009) and Sad Sam Lucky, which last year received an award in Serbia for its exceptional expressiveness and inventiveness. Since 2004 he has been presenting his work in Europe and North America. In 2011 he was rated one of the best choreographers of the year by the New York publication V Magazine. He also received choreography awards in 2012 in Croatia, and in 2013 in Slovenia.

Sad Sam Lucky
Alter Egos

“Now I am” is the English translation of the Croatian term Sad Sam. Lucky is Srečko – Srečko Kosovel, the “Slovenian Rimbaud” who died in 1926 at age 22. A visionary poet, his confessional poetry rips through the veil of time to tune into the frequency of the performer Matija Ferlin in a meeting of soul mates, a conversation in the invisible. The poet is brought to life by means of a writing table, piles of paper and the body of the dancer-actor who energetically revives his deconstructed poetry in a fragmented dance that hovers between explosion and restraint. Remarkable, forthright physicality, words brimming with fire in a mystical solo-duo, stormy and physical.

Anchored in his culture and in the extremely contemporary nature of the unruly arts, Matija Ferlin will be presenting at the Festival two very dissimilar works of his Sad Sam series. A unique opportunity to discover one of the most promising Balkan artists, and to take the measure of the powerful impact of his extraordinary presence.

Sad Sam Almost 6
In All Innocence

Totally absorbed by his game, a child teaches a class to a horde of animal figurines, giving them orders, encouraging them, snubbing them. He exercises his control with authoritarian outbursts and soothing speeches, and exorcises his fears using paper costumes. Slowly trouble insinuates itself into this childhood scene. The tender blond head is supplanted by a cruel despot; the happy-go-lucky attitude gives way to anxiety, the situation now precarious. Growing up is not easy. The world of adults is maybe not so idyllic after all.

A dynamic emerging performance artist in the Balkan avant-garde, Matija Ferlin conveys with impressive fidelity the discrepancy between a child’s viewpoint and that of an adult in Sad Sam Almost 6, questioning our perception of the world. This subtle, disturbing piece stands in sharp contrast to Sad Sam Lucky, another solo work presented at the Festival.

(D.H., 02.04.2014)