BADco. “1 poor and one 0″ @ Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens

place: Athens, Greece
organiser: Onassis Cultural Centre
BADco. members Zrinka Užbinec and Ivana Ivković will also hold a workshop in Athens: Whatever Dance Toolbox on 8 March 11:00-16:00 @ Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
In 1 poor and one 0 BADco. returns to the scene of the first film ever shot – Workers Leaving The Lumiere Factory: the factory gates. The first moving images ever made show workers leaving their workplace. The movement of the workforce from the place of industrial work into the world of film: the starting point for the problematic relationship between cinema and the portrayal of work.

From its outset cinema tended to leave the manual labor out of the picture, focusing rather on atomized stories of individual workers once they have left their workplace: their romances, their transgressions, their destinies in the course of world events. Cinema starts where work ends.

Starting from these initial images, 1 poor and one 0 sets about exploring the multiple ways of leaving the work behind. What happens when you get tired? When is the work we devote ourselves to exhausted? What comes after work? More work? What happens when there is no more work? What is the complicity between the history of contemporary dance and the history of post-industrialization? (Read more…)

(Source: BADco.)

(D.H., 26.02.2014)