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International premiere of 'Velvet Terrorists' at Berlinale's Forum

place: Berlin, Germany
organiser: Berlinale
Velvet Terrorists / Zamatovi teroristi, documentary feature film by directors trio Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský and Peter Kerekes, co-produced between Slovakia, Czech Rep. and Croatia, to be screened in Berlinale Forum at 64th Berlin International Film Festival

PRESS Screening: Tue, February 11, 13:45 at CinemaxX 6
International Premiere: February 12, at 21:30h, at Delphi Filmpalast
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Velvet Terrorists:

Velvet Terrorists offers a different view of the history through the stories of three romantic heroes, Stano, Fero and Vladimir, who during the 80’s had a go at armed resistance against the Communist power in Czechoslovakia. All of them were sentenced according to the paragraph 93 of the Criminal Code – terror. Neither of them, however, had killed nor injured anybody. Their three stories follow the thin line between defense and offence, courage and chance, presence and past, fantasy and
reality. Behind explosions, gunfire, terroristic drill there is the desire for love.

Berlinale Forum describes the film as “with equal parts humor and ambiguity, the film blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction and heroism and stupidity. Laconically and with a quiet sense of irony, the film tells the story of people caught between totalitarianism and rebellion.”

Each director wanted to shoot a film about something else. Pavol Pekarčík’s intention was to shoot a film about people, who tried to fight the Communist regime during normalization in Czechoslovakia. Peter Kerekes was interested in the historical context, how the former “terrorists” live nowadays. And Ivan Ostrochovský wanted to make a film about love. They worked together on all three vignettes and the result is an exciting and humorous hybrid between fiction and non-fiction.

Velvet Terrorist is a Slovakian-Czech-Croatian co-production, produced by Peter Kerekes from Slovakia, Filip Remunda from Czech Republic, co-author of Czech Dream (Ceský sen, 2004) and Siniša Juričić from Croatia, the co-producer of award-winning Sofia’s Last Ambulance (Poslednata lineika na Sofia, 2012). Velvet Terrorists had a world premiere at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival where the film was awarded with the FEDEORA Award, given by the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Peter Kerekes is an acclaimed Slovakian documentary film director who stepped into the spotlight with his film second feature documentary Cooking History (Ako sa varia dejiny, 2009) about German, Russian, French, Yugoslav and other military chefs during World War II, whose craftsmanship helped cook history. Cooking History was garnered with a number of awards at renowned international festivals, including the FIPRESCI Award at DOK Leipzig and Special Jury Award at Hot Docs in Canada. The film was nominated for best documentary film at the European Film Academy Awards. The co-directors, Pavol Pekarčík and Ivan Ostrochovský are experienced Slovak documentary filmmakers who collaborated on several films together, Lesser Evil (2004), Wind (2004), Karakorum (2005) and Uli Blaho (2008).

Berlinale Forum (International Forum of New Cinema) is one of the most important sections of the Berlinale. This year it will live to see its 44th edition. In terms of programme, this is the most daring section of the International Film Festival in Berlin, with an accent on innovative works that represent a shift from mainstream and foster unconventional cinematic approaches.
Although films in this section don’t compete for the official festival awards, they are eligible for the awards given by the independent juries (FIPRESCI Jury, C.I.C.A-e, Amnesty International, Peace Film Prize, Caligari Film Award, “Tagesspiegel Readers’ Prize”, “Siegessäule” Readers’ Award – ELSE and others).



(D.H., 11.02.2014)