Andreja Kulunčić's work in Mexico

place: Mexico
organiser: MUAC
Solo exhibition by Andreja Kulunčić titled 'Conquering and Constructing the Common' is on view till 2 February at the Museo MUAC in Mexico City.

The artistic practice of Andreja Kuluncic is distinguished by its exploration of new models of social relationships and communication. Kuluncic understands art as a process of research, collaboration and self-organization. This exhibition forms part of a broader project that seeks to develop a transdisciplinary platform for the understanding, exchange and production of creative community strategies. Kuluncic’s interest in these issues must be understood in relation to the historical and geopolitical context of his outlook: Croatia was part of the former Yugoslavia, a socialist country where the idea of community was ideologically imposed by the regime.

Conquistando y construyendo lo común (Conquering and Constructing the Common) is part of a residency undertaken by the artist in Mexico City in 2011. During this period she brought together a group of researchers from the UAM, the Colegio de México, the UNAM and representatives of four community organizations based in the city: the Centro de Reflexión y Acción Laboral (CEREAL DF), the Unión de Colonos, Inquilinos y Solicitantes de Vivienda, “Libertad” A.C., the Asamblea Comunitaria de Miravalle in Santa Catarina, Iztapalapa and the Calpulli Tecalco A.C., from San Pedro Atocpan, Milpa Alta.

Kuluncic’s exhibition contains a video installation that presents the audience with research materials and an activities program drawn up jointly with the social organizations that took part in the project. The main aim is to establish a platform for sharing experience and knowledge acquired that allows for future collaboration between these initiatives and leads to the preparation of a manual or “tool kit” based on the experience of the organizations that may be of use to other initiatives. In parallel with the exhibition, a communication channel will be established with a broader public through insertions in newspapers and a website that functions as a database for social organizations in Mexico City.

Conquistando y construyendo lo común (Conquering and Constructing the Common) allow us to ask questions about the role of the museum in social space and the capacity of art to take part in and make visible different kinds of practices and social actors who are usually excluded. At the same time, it addresses the way in which the idea of shared space or the commons is constructed and defined through a range of social practices and experiences, where this concept appears as a possible horizon. Bringing together research and the construction of political and social networks, Kuluncic’s work highlights the experience of self-organization as a key to urban experience and history. This is an exercise in exploring social alternatives that maintain a safe distance from the concealed authoritarianism of the utopianism that frequently plagues the political imagination of the artistic realm.

(Source: muac)

(D.H., 07.01.2014)