TIR awarded in Rome

place: Rome, Italy
organiser: RIFF
Coproduction project between Italy and Croatia – feature documentary film TIR by Alberto Fasulo has been rewarded with the Golden Marco Aurelio Award at the International Film Festival in Rome.

This film was supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Criatian producer is Irena Marković from Focus Media.

Branko, 50 years old teacher from Croatia has trouble providing for his family. That’s why he decided to get a job as a truck driver for an Italian shipping company. He travels all over Europe with Maki, another more experienced Croatian driver. Maki teaches him about his new job that consists of many hours spent at the wheel or being stuck nowhere on the road. Together they spend long and endless days waiting for an order that never comes. While Branko is trying to cope with the new job, he is also trying to be present at least over the phone in the life of his family. He finds himself entangled in increasingly difficult situations at work, not only the long hours waiting, road blocks, or even the loneliness… it’s the very nature of work itself that challenges his deepest values.


(D.H., 22.11.2013)