Miroslav Kraljević’s retrospective in Osijek

time: 18.10.2013. - 16.11.2013.
place: Požega, Croatia
organiser: City Museum Požega
Retrospective exhibition by one of the most significant Croatian modern painters Miroslav Kraljević, organized as 100years anniversary of birth, opens at the City Museum in the city of Požega on 18 October.

The exhibition will present around sixty artworks by Kraljević with a scale of works this artist has produced while being in the cities like Požega, Zagreb, Vienna, Munich and Paris. Eight paintings from private collection will be presented for the first time to the wider public.

Miroslav Kraljević (1885–1913) was a Croatian painter, printmaker and sculptor, active in the early part of the 20th century. He is one of the founders of modern art in Croatia.
Kraljević studied painting in Vienna and Munich at the prestigious Academy of Arts along with Oskar Herman, Vladimir Becić and Josip Račić. This group of Croatian artists were later called the Munich Circle, known for their influence on modern art in Croatia. After Munich, Kraljević spent time in the family home at Požega, and then in Paris where he produced his best work. He died in Zagreb in April 1913, aged 27, from tuberculosis.

Miroslav Kraljević painted in many different styles, including Impressionism, Pointillism and Expressionism. He also became known for his drawings of grotesque or erotic characters, in a similar way to Aubrey Beardsley, and for his sculptures. Working in a variety of media, he used almost every painting and drawing technique in his portraits, figures, still lifes, animals and landscapes. His graphics used etching and woodcut, and sculptures were created in clay, plaster and bronze.

(D.H., 18.10.2013)