Days of Industrial Heritage of the Town of Sisak

time: 20.09.2013. - 05.10.2013.
place: Sisak, Croatia
The manifestation under the title Days of Industrial Heritage of the Town of Sisak aims to present an extraordinary historical and cultural resource which has marked the history of the town of Sisak from the second half of the 19th century up to our time.

The manifestation starts on September 20th as an integral part of the Days of European Heritage, organized by Sisak Town Museum, Striegl Town Gallery, and Department of Conservation in Sisak, and it will be divided into two parts.

The first part of the programme deals with the material contained in the project 'Željezara Sisak Heritage Factory' and refers to the valorisation and contextualizing of the cultural heritage of the former ironworks factory Željezara Sisak, through the conservation-and-restoration workshop held in Sculpture Park, hosting sculptures created by the Colony of Fine Arts (artists from Željezara Sisak), as well as the theoretical and art programme under the title 'Interpolations'.

The second part of the programme deals with the historical valorisation of industrial heritage. Those two parts complement each other to make a unique whole, and consequently provide a large number of possibilities in perception of industrial heritage and its use, all with the purpose of boosting the cultural offer of the town of Sisak. This manifestation will last till October 5th.

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(D.H., 19.09.2013)