Play Dr. Freud's Patient to be premiered in Kosovo

place: Gnjilane, Kosovo
organiser: Professional Theater of Gnjilane
Miro Gavran's drama "Dr. Freud's Patient" will be premiered on September 13th in the Professional Theater of Gnjilane in Gnjilane, Kosovo. The play was translated into Albanian by Ernest Zymberi, and directed by Erson Zymberi, while the main roles are performed by Muharem Sylejmani, Mejrema Barish and Ali Demi.

This drama is about the meeting of a young Adolf Hitler and Sigmund Freud in Vienna in 1919. So far, this text has had eleven theatrical premieres in several countries, and for the last two years has been part of the repertoire at the GAVRAN Theater in Zagreb.

(Source: Miro Gavran)

(D.H., 12.09.2013)