Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival to take place in Istria

time: 19.07.2013. - 22.07.2013.
place: Savicenta, Croatia
The Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival is to take place in Svetivincenat on the western Croatian peninsula of Istria from 19 to 22 July. It is a unique cultural event organized by the Zagreb Dance Company.

Founded in 2000, the Festival has presented more than 150 dance and theatre companies from Croatia and abroad, staging more than 190 productions to date.

The Festival goals is to present the recent dance works from Croatia and abroad; to educate new generations of audience; to promote inter-cultural dialogue and trans-national mobility; to take active part in the development of an active, democratic and culturally educated society; to encourage creativity, ideas and solidarity between artists and the audience.

The event benefits to visitors, Croats and foreign tourists, the local community and the Istria region every year, with a mixed audience of professionals and amateur dance lovers - as attested by the increasing number of visitors and the good reputation of the festival.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 17.07.2013)