Igor Grubić in Marseille

place: Marseille, France
organiser: Asterides Gallery
International group exhibition 'Performance' opened from 6 July to 15 September at the Asterides Gallery in Marseille hosts also Igor Grubić's artwork '366 liberation rituals'. The exhibition is curated by Mehdi Brita.

Participating artists:
Anna BYSKOV, Hsia Fei CHANG, Marcelline DELBECQ, Romina DE NOVELLIS, Nicolas FENOUILLAT, F2/Francine FLANDRIN, Igor GRUBIĆ, Louise HERVE and Chloé MAILLET, Jonathan MEESE, Natsuko UCHINO, Daphné NAVARRE, Nicolas PUYJALON, Darren ROSHIER, Noé SOULIER.

Igor Grubic (born Zagreb, Croatia) enrolled in 1992 in a course of philosophy and later psychotherapeutic education based on Gestalt and Transactional analysis. As a visual artist, since 1996 he has mainly produced site-specific interventions in public spaces, with the aim of involving others in the creative process.

Since 2000 he has worked as a producer, journalist and director at Fade In, a studio for activist video, on the production of documentaries, TV reports and socially committed TV advertising. He has exhibited his work widely, e.g. at Manifesta 4, Frankfurt; Tirana Biennale 2; 49.October Salon Belgrade; 11. Istanbul Biennial, etc.

(D.H., 12.07.2013)