Così fan tutte opens the 64th Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme

time: 11.08.2013. - 25.08.2013.
place: Dubrovnik, Croatia
organiser: DLJI
The 64th Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme will open with the premiere of Mozart's comic opera Così fan tutte, on 11 July, in the Art School Park.

In Mozart's two act comic opera Così fan tutte, two friends, Ferrando and Guglielmo, accept the bet of the philosopher Don Alfonso, who claims that their fiancées Fiordiligi and Dorabella will not remain faithful to them if an opportunity arises. The young men disguise themselves and each attempt to seduce the other's fiancé. A wide musical span of recitatives, arias and ensembles opens up, from the hysterical and inconstant Dorabella to the steady and prudent Fiordiligi, making us realise that it is the game of life in which we all place stakes in order to – even if we lose – laugh at our own foolishness.

Although the story originally takes place in the 18th century Naples, the renowned stage director Sally Burgess has modernized this Dubrovnik production, placing it in a present-day luxury Dubrovnik hotel. The distinguished architect and set designer Charles Phu is in charge of the sets, while the famous fashion designer Matija Vuica is in charge of the costumes. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by Oliver Gilmour. In addition to the Croatian soloists Giorgio Saurian, Nikolina Pinko and Matija Meić, the international protagonists will include Tzvetana Bandalovska, Sian Cameron, Kamelia Kader, Nicolas Darmanin, José Muñiz, Lucas Somoza Osterc, Ingrid Vetlesen, Galina Averina and Peter Martinčič, coming from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Slovenia and Malta.

- The opera is produced by the Music Without Frontiers, London and the Agevent Agency in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, while the soloists auditioned in Stuttgart, Zagreb and London. We are very happy with the outstanding and exceptionally talented cast, and gratefully acknowledge the support of prima dona Dunja Vejzović, the Zagreb Academy of Music and London's Royal College of Music.

Così fan tutte will be performed on 11, 13, and 14 and 15 July in the Art School Park, beginning at 9.30 pm. Tickets are available online on the Dubrovnik Festival website and at the Festival Box Office, with the price range between 150 and 400 Kuna.

(D.H., 01.07.2013)