My Country Štaglinec / International Artists Meeting 'Antonio G. Lauer'

place: Štaglinec, Croatia
organiser: Art organization' My Country Štaglinec '
Art organization' My Country Štaglinec ' invites audience to visit International Artists Meeting' Antonio G. Lauer, which takes place on Saturday, 15 June in Štaglinac near Koprivnica. The event starts with the exhibition 'Asian Performance' in Koprivnica Gallery, which opens on 14th June at 8pm.

Curator: Sinéad O`Donnell
During the event in Štaglinec the audience will also get an opportunity to partake screening of the film 'Blue Rider - Remembering Antonio G. Lauer', as well as performance by D.B. Indoš and Tanja Vrvilo called 'Šahtofonija for Ludbreg’s storks’.

A bus from Zagreb to Štaglinec is scheduled for Saturday 15th June at 10 am in front of the Lisinski Concert Hall and your entry must be confirmed no later than the 14th June.

(D.H., 13.06.2013)