Oliver Frljić @ Wiener Festwochen 2013

time: 18.05.2013. - 20.05.2013.
place: Vienna, Austria
organiser: Wiener Festwochen
Oliver Frljić's theatre piece Mrzim istinu! / I Hate the Truth! made in the production of Zagreb based &td Theatre will have its Austrian premiere on 18, 19 and 20 May within the programme of Wiener Festwochen 2013.

I Hate the Truth! might be the motto for any person’s conflict with their own family. All members of this Serbo-Croatian family living in Bosnia between 1970 and 1995 are characterised by very divergent perspectives and memory constructs. The fact that Dragan’s surname is Slavic is loaded with significance once he falls in love with Slađana with her Latin name. Born in Travnik (Bosnia), Oliver Frljić was left behind at age 16 in war-riven ex-Yugoslavia when his parents emigrated to the United States.

Now four actors perform the story of his family. The audience sit down along the four sides of a family room, where the actors playing the father, mother and sister complain to the performer playing the author (and son) that things were actually quite different, that it is unacceptable to say or show them like this in public. They break character, hold the author accountable, quarrel about the meaning of words and relive all episodes of love or work and the signs of war looming on the horizon as if they were happening this very moment.

In Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, the explosive performances of Oliver Frljić (who guested at forum festwochen ff 2010 with Turbo Folk) pierce the conflict lines of traumatised countries. Even within the intimate space of the family, not everything may be remembered or spoken out loud.

(D.H., 08.05.2013)