Performance 'I am 1984' in Brussels

place: Brussels, Belgium
Barbara Matijević and Giuseppe Chico will have a guest appearance with their performance 'I am 1984' within the program of Experienz platform on 19 April in Brussels.

EXPERIENZ is an experimental and nomad platform that will propose a series of performances and live art at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, as a collateral event to Art Brussels. The platform will be a prospective and brand new format in Brussels during the fair: four days of performances, collective or choreographed actions, a talk, a participative stage platform, performed readings, dance, and a workshop for children.

'I Am 1984' is an pseudo-scientific travelling through the year 1984 raises several questions via different realm perspectives or different levels of fiction such as happenings from the national and world history out of science fiction, films and 3D animation, internet virtual world and video games: what is the connection between the smile of Mona Lisa and Mickey Mouse’s snort?… Differences between the snort by Mickey Mouse and the Pac-Man’s sanguinary grimace… and then, differences between Pac-Man and the circles of the Olympics?

'I Am 1984?' is the first public working presentation based on the SF essay entitled The Theory of Future Performance or- the only escapement from the massacre is that we become the author.

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(D.H., 17.04.2013)