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Croatian writers @ Krokodokodil Festival in Belgrade

time: 19.04.2013.
place: Belgrade, Serbia
Writers Ana Đokić and Darko Macan will partake in the program of the first literature festival for children KROKODOKODIL ("younger brother" of the famous regional festival CROCODILE) to be held in Belgrade on 19 April.

Writer Ana Đokić was born in 1965 in Belgrade. She graduated philosophy and so far she has written numerous novels, theatre and radio plays, TV and radio screenplays, etc. Her plays and novels were published in Croatia, France, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro. Ana Đokić also works as a translator from French.

Darko Macan is a Croatian author and illustrator who has created and collaborated on comics, essays and science fiction and fantasy. He is also an editor. Born in Zagreb, where he still lives, he has a degree in history and archeology from the University of Zagreb. He has drawn and written many comic books, mostly in Croatian, but in 1993 he broke into the American comics industry when he and fellow Croatian artist Edvin Biukoviæ submitted their work to Dark Horse Comics. He has also done Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse for Disney comics. He was nominated for the Eisner Award twice (Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths and Prayer to Sun). As a writer, he has sold more than forty science fiction and fantasy short stories, two science fiction novels and three children's books. He has won four SFera Awards and two Grigor Vitez Awards.

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(D.H., 15.04.2013)