Sad Sam Almost 6 this April @ Festival A Corps

time: 08.04.2013. - 09.04.2013.
place: Poitiers, France
organiser: Festival A Corps
Sad Sam /Almost 6/ by dancer and choreographer Matija Ferlin will be presented on 8 and 9 April at Festival A Corps in Poitiers, France.  

Matija Ferlin is a dancer and choreographer who finished his choreography and dance studies at the SNDO in Amsterdam. In addition to collaborating with several authors (Maja Delak, Ivica Buljan, Ame Henderson, Sasha Waltz, Keren Levi, Martin Bulter, David Zambrano, Mauricio Ferlin), he also creates his own performances, short films and expositions. He lives and works in Pula, Croatia. We have had the occasion of seeing him in Slovenia in his solo SaD SaM (revisited) and in Maja Delak’s performances Rodeo and Serata Artistica Giovanile.

Performance SaD SaM /almost 6/ is the continuation of Ferlin’s cycle of solos SaD SaM. The first solo SaD SaM (Now I am) was created in 2004, the second one SaD SaM (revisited) in 2006. In SaD SaM /almost 6/ Ferlin simply resides on stage, he possesses a natural presence rounded by his boyish appearance and the impression of sincerity when we follow him through humorous as well as painful situations. Self-sufficient and relaxed, he passes paraphrasing pop to the direction and choreography-wise perfect interaction with plastic figurines that at the same time represent his drama characters and his ensemble.

Author: Matija Ferlin
Performer: Matija Ferlin
Dramaturgy: Katja Praznik
Lighting design: Urška Vohar
Set design: Artikl, Silvio Živković
Costume design: Artikl
Collaborators: Alexandar Nussbaumer, Mauricio Ferlin, Maja Celija, Maja Delak
Production coordination: Sabina Potočki
Production: Zavod Emanat, Ljubljana, Ferlin d.o.o., Pula
Co-production: Chez Buswick, Bunker, Ljubljana

(D.H., 29.03.2013)