BADco. "Evolution Won’t be Televised"@ SKOGEN, Gothenburg

time: 05.04.2013. - 23.04.2013.
place: Gothenburg, Sweden
In April BADco. will present an extensive three-week program Evolution Won’t be Televised at the artist-run platform SKOGEN in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event is set to take place form 5 to 23 April.

Throughout a three week period BADco. will run a public program that will include four of our performances, two workshops, a new performative installation work and a series of lectures and performance lectures a.o. by guests: Tor Lindstrand, Anders Paulin and Anders Mossling, and Johan Normark.

Although the program will offer a comprehensive overview of BADco.’s artistic and educational work, the program block starts from BADco.’s recent concerns: on the one hand, artistic explorations of issues of ecology and environment in the theater that open the block with BADco.’s latest performance Is There Life on Stage? – Exercises in Terraforming. On the other hand, concerns with the old medium of television that will be at the center of BADco.’s work during the stay in SKOGEN and take the form of a performative installation TVolution won’t be televised.

The performative installation work in SKOGEN is a follow-up of the installation work BADco. did in 2011 for the Croatian presentation at the 54th Venice Biennale. This initiated a series of investigations and experimental set-ups that the collective is currently developing alongside of its performances and that are dealing with the recontextualisation and remediation of theater performance into other artistic, scholarly and social practices.


05. April, 19:00
Performance by BADco.
Is There Life on Stage? – Exercises in Terraforming

06. April, 19:00
Performance by BADco.
SEMI-INTERPRETATIONS or How to Explain Contemporary Dance to an Undead Hare
followed by presentation of BADco.’s work & party

09. April, 18:00-21:00
Digital tools in dance: demonstration of Whatever Dance Toolbox
BADco. will first demonstrate their software toolbox and after visitors can test the system first hand.

14. April, 13:00-17:00
Opening of performative installation
TVolution won’t be televised, also open for visitors 15. & 17. April, 12:00-17:00

16. April, 19:00
Lecture performance by Economy/Tor Lindstrand
The Walkable City
Performance by Anders Paulin & Anders Mossling
Neither You Nor Me

18. April, 19:00
Talk by Johan Normark
Water as Object and Hyperobject in the Ancient Maya Area

18. – 19. April, 9:00-17:00
Workshop by BADco.: Whatever Dance Toolbox

19. April, 19:00
Performance by BADco.
Point of Convergence

20. – 21. April, 10:00-14:00
Workshop by BADco.:
Post-hoc dramaturgy: Always, Never, Now

23. April, 20:00
Performance by BADco.
Trilogy on Labor
followed by: goodbye party

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(Source: BADco.)

(D.H., 29.03.2013)