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Symposium: “Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion”

time: 21.03.2013. - 24.03.2013.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: BADco., Multimedia Institute/MAMA, the Academy of Drama Arts, University of Zagreb
BADco., Multimedia Institute/MAMA and the Academy of Drama Arts, University of Zagreb are organizing international symposium “Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion” which is set to take place from 21 to 24 March.

“Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion” is a proposal to examine relations between the present-day modalities of time and the production of forms of life. The symposium will bring together a number of prominent international scholars and artists to share their thoughts on how to critically address the ways time conditions labor, affect and values, and how this then gets reflected in performance and media.

The rise of new precarious forms of work and flexible organization of working time, as well as changes in the content and the nature of work, lead to a corresponding search for balance among the various forms of social time. “Time-scarcity” therefore becomes a relevant topic not only from a social or biological perspective, but also as a dramaturgical and performative problem. Read more…

(D.H., 15.03.2013)