BADco. “Point of Convergence” @ Les Repérages

place: Le Gymnase I, 5 rue du Général Chanzy, Roubaix, France
organiser: Les Repérages
The choreography Point of Convergence by Zrinka Užbinec and Ana Kreitmeyer from BADco. could be seen on 15 March, 6pm in Roubaix, France at the festival Les Repérages.

Point of Convergence is a choreographic experiment persisting in the excess where communication in dance and about dance oscillates between what can and what cannot be stated: insisting on choreographic means – structuring the intensity of communication’s noise – producing the specific conditions of dialogue in dance and dialogue on dance. To understand one another, it is necessary to negotiate the terms of understanding.

The authors Zrinka Užbinec and Ana Kreitmeyer implement this negotiation of the terms of understanding, an understanding that is yet to come to understanding, through a series of mutations of dance expressions. A simple initial choreography is communicated to each other through a series of dance negotiations, understandings and misunderstandings through which newly established gestures lose their meaning, and casual glances and signs of a hand become intensities that are changing the context, transforming meanings into an excess. Read more

(D.H., 15.03.2013)