Virtual collection of works by Ruđer Bošković

organiser: Croatian National and University Library
The virtual exhibition on works by Ruđer Bošković hosted and presented by the National and University Library in Zagreb is from recently on view at the following address:

The aim of the virtual exhibition is to present the digitized Bošković’s works preserved in the collections of the National and University Library in Zagreb and the Library’s webpages, books and other works and publications dedicated to Josip Ruđer Bošković, as well as to bring together in one place the available digitized Bošković’s works of other institutions.

The virtual exhibition represents one of the results of the project Restauracija i digitalizacija djela Ruđera Boškovića (Restoration and digitization of works by Ruđer Bošković) headed by Martina Pavec, NUL Preservation Department, which included the restoration of seven works by Ruđer Bošković held in the Manuscripts and Old Books Collection at the National and University Library in Zagreb and the digitization of thirteen books, three manuscripts and fifteen letters. The project was conducted in 2012 with the financial support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture as part of the larger project Hrvatska kulturna baština (Croatian cultural heritage).

In 2011 the Library marked the 300th anniversary of Bošković’s birth by an exhibition and its accompanying catalogue, both entitled  Ruđer Josip Bošković u Zbirci rukopisa i starih knjiga Nacionalne i sveučilišne knjižnice u Zagrebu : u povodu 300. obljetnice rođenja, prepared by Ivan Kosić, Head of the  NUL Manuscripts and Old Books Collection.

The software used in the making of this exhibition will be useful for other virtual exhibitions which will present the works of other Croatian authors digitized through various digitization programmes and projects aimed at the collections and materials of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

(Source: NSK)

(D.H., 04.03.2013)