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NUL’s participation in The European Library exhibition Science and Machines

Handwritten correspondence of Albert Einstein, videos of 1930s operating theatres and many other significant scientific and technological achievements from the 19th and 20th centuries are now available as part of the virtual exhibition Science and Machines. The exhibition presents a new collection of The European Library, in the assembling of which the National and University Library in Zagreb also took part.

The early x-ray images taken by the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, portraits of pioneering researchers Marie and Pierre Curie, as well as photographs of the 1913 Ghent World’s Fair may be found among over 600 valuable maps, letters, journals, videos and photographs that have been selected for the exhibition. The material for the exhibition was assembled from 21 national, university and research libraries from 17 European countries.

The National and University Library in Zagreb, in collaboration with the Library of the Department of Geophysics at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, presented Croatia’s notable scientific achievements from that period preserved in the collections Djela Dragutina Gorjanovića-Krambergera (Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger Collection), Flora Croatica and Ostavština Andrije Mohorovičića (Andrija Mohorovičić Digital Collection).

(Source: NSK)


(D.H., 14.02.2013)