Kata Mijatović selected for the Venice Biennale

place: Venice, Italy
Artist Kata Mijatović has been selected to represent Croatia at the upcoming 55th Venice Biennale with the installation Between the Sky and the Earth. The curator of the project is Branko Francesci.

Interactive ambient installation ‘Between the Sky and the Earth’ will be located in the hall of Tiziano, at about 120 square feet. The installation combines an on-line archive of dreams, which is opened Facebook profile allowing the visitors to put their dreams, video and photographic documentation of project and performance art on the theme of dreams.

The Dreams Archive is a Facebook profile set up as part of the eponymous online project which will be presented in the form of an installation at 55th Venice Biennale by artist Kata Mijatović as the central work in her exhibition Between the Sky and the Earth.

The Dreams Archive is a domain where visitors can place/archive their dreams. The Archive will in due course include and connect interactive forms that will open communication towards the research of the phenomenon of dreams in art, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. The inclusion of a large number of participants will create a global 'pool' of dreams; open a space to explore what it is that people dream about today, and ask questions to which we still don't have the answers - why do people dream, and what is the function of the unconscious in the construction of reality. In our times, the world is functioning increasingly as a multiplied, pre-agreed construction of the conscious 'self'. This dominant model of constructing the reality is a ready-made blueprint that we are born into. 'Images' of the world, which the conscious self-emits today with increasing speed, most often serve purely to maintain or add to the existing constructions. These constructions however do not include the knowledge of the unknown, nor its help in the personal discovery of the mystery of existence on a universal level, and at the same time this 'internal' space defines us more than we are ready to acknowledge.

While ancient civilizations included the psychological energies behind the conscious self (or the rational) in their understanding of the world - our civilization sees the space of the unconscious solely as a space for repression. We spend nearly half our lives asleep, in the unconscious, a fact which - for whatever reason - we refuse to address. And yet the systems of mass control, such as political and media manipulation, can only be avoided in sleep. Thus the unconscious, primarily in our dreams, becomes one of the last oases of the internal and private that can still offer some resistance to the 'agreed' picture of the world.

The Dreams Archive will bring to life the importance of the psychological space of the unconscious, this suppressed compendium of human 'pre-images'.

Kata Mijatović, multimedia artist, primarly works in the media of the video and performance. Shi was born 1956 in Branjina, Croatia. 1981 graduated at the Faculty of Law in Osijek. 1988 -1991 member of the informal artistic group Močvara/Swamp. 1991-1993 studied painting at the Accademia di belle arti in Florence, Italy. 1993-1996 studied painting at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. 1997 graduated at the Accademy of Fine Arts Zagreb. 2005 - 2009 member of Artistic board of the Baranja Art Collony.

Since 2005 is running the Gallery AŽ, Atelieri Žitnjak, Zagreb http://www.a-z.hr/
Since 2007 member of Artistic group PLEH.
Lives and works in Zagreb like independent artist.

(D.H., 01.02.2013)