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Symposium: “Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion”

time: 21.03.2013. - 23.03.2013.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: BADco.
BADco. extends an open call for contributions for Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion symposium which is set to take place on March 21-23 in Zagreb, Croatia.

This symposium and its topic are a continuation of BADco.’s artistic interest to relate performance and time.  Their research is a critical reflection on different structures of time – both in the context of capitalist economic production, in the work with technologies on-stage and in the work of dance as an old technology – aimed at examining practices of not being at the height of time, intentional falling out of step with the fast-paced development and flexibility required by today’s creative economy, creating forms of broken and re-purposed functioning of the performance.

The symposium is a part of participation in the project “TIMeSCAPES – Images and performance of time in late capitalism.” TIMeSCAPES is a long-term artistic research and production platform initiated by five cultural organizations: BADco. (HR), Maska (SI), Walking Theory (RS), Science Communications Research (A) and Film-protufilm (HR).

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(Source: BADco)

(D.H., 25.01.2013)