Oliver Frljić in Ljubljana

place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
organiser: SNG Drama
Director Oliver Frljić recently premiered his latest production 'Christmas at the Ivanov’s' by Alexander Vvedensky at Slovensko narodno gledališče Drama in Ljubljana. This is the first collaboration berween Friljić and SNG Drama.

Director: Oliver Frljić
Dramaturg: Eva Kraševec
Language consultant: Tatjana Stanič
Costume designer: Sandra Dekanić
Set designer: Oliver Frljić
Light designer: Milan Podlogar
Assistant to the dramaturg: Nataša Berce
Assistant set desiner: Adriana Furlan

Iva Babić
Barbara Cerar
Silva Čušin
Maša Derganc
Petra Govc
Nina Ivanišin
Sabina Kogovšek Zrnec
Maja Sever
Nina Valič
Tina Vrbnjak
Barbara Žefran

'A writer, director, theorist, choreographer and actor, Oliver Frljić is truly the enfant terrible of ex-Yugoslavian theatre, moving freely from street theatre to performances in established institutions, from small intimate spaces to the large National Theatre. His plays provoke discussion and generate contrasting reactions. He pushes the limits, blending reality and fiction, and public and private spheres.

Oliver Frljić is a theatre director who has succeeded to rouse civil society and draw public attention to problems that are persistently ignored by the authorities in the region. Through raising public interest in engaged theatre, in the best sense of this concept, Mr. Frljić has consistently, with care and clear argumentation, sought to establish and spread public dialogue on essential but taboo topics, such as responsibility for war crimes, collective oblivion and culture of impunity, and radical ideologies. He contests established catholicity and bravely and openly breaks contrived silences.

Mr. Frljić was born in Travnik in 1976. He has worked in theatre since the mid-1990s, beginning his career as a member and founder of non-institutional radical theatre groups, then becoming a professional theatre director during his studies and since. Through his work Mr. Frljić has talked expressively and loudly on topics that the majority in society are not willing to hear; ignoring complaints that he is entering a field outside of his ”professional interest“ (often meaning politics). Read more…


(D.H., 24.01.2013)