Museum of Broken Relationships in Paris

place: Paris, France
organiser: Museum of Broken Relationships
Le Centquatre cultural centre in Paris showcases the travelling display of the Museum of Broken Relationships, now for the first time expanded to include French donations. The exhibition is open for viewing until Jan 20.

'Apart from being the arena of the coexistence of art and audience open to creation and new experiences, the building itself safeguards some interesting history. Up until 20 years ago it was the starting point of republican funeral processions symbolizing the secular promotion of the right to the burial ceremony without regard to religion, status or the circumstances of death. However distinct, the former as well as the current life role of Le Centquatre render it more than appropriate for the displaying of our collection.

Whether the destiny of love lies in the solemn mercy of the sacred or in the fortuitousness of the profane, we will never know with certainty. Regardless of whereto and why it has disappeared, (un)deserved tribute to that which remains is paid for the sake of what it once was.'

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(Source: Museum of Broken Relationships)


(D.H., 18.01.2013)