Helena Bulaja awarded @ Fabesque Festival

place: Peccioli, Italy
Multimedia artist Helena Bulaja has won a Special Recognition 'Gente di Fiaba' @ Fabesque Festival in Peccioli, Italy. Bulaja also presented her latest cross media work 'The Cat Time Stories' during the festival which took place on 5 and 6 January.

During the festival dance school Axe Ballet premiered ballet interpretation of animated film Neva by Edgar Beals which is part of the Croatian Tales of Long Ago by Bulaja. The piece was choreographed by Antonella Tronci, art director of Axe Ballet School.

The Cat Time Stories” are based on a collection of short stories written by renowned Croatian author Nada Horvat. They relate the adventures and experiences of slightly humanized but thoroughly feline characters, endearing but never sentimental. They are shy, greedy, funny, dreamy, and they do everything that takes up the busy agenda of a cat’s day. Stories deliver a subtle moral but it is never obvious, because a cat’s idea of good and bad is a very special one.

(Source: Helena Bulaja)


(D.H., 18.01.2013)